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It’s easy to praise teamwork, but we’ve lived it. For us, sharing goals is a way of life. Our team of seasoned professionals can handle all our clients’ needs. We close more than 100 transactions each year and our sales production puts us in the top one half percent of all Realtors nationally!

But the numbers only tell what happened, not why. At The Tucson Homes Team, We nurture relationships that build trust and help all achieve success. Our clients rely on our profound knowledge, thorough communication, and experience to unburden them of the stresses that may occur when buying or selling a home. By combining our individual strengths, we deliver a unique experience that gives our clients powerful solutions, faster response times, and the attention they deserve. Whether it is negotiating the best price for your home or helping you prepare your home for sale, we handle it all to create a smooth real estate experience for you. Our clients feel cared for, understood, and more confident when making key decisions ensuring we all achieve success.

Amy Jobst, The Tucson Homes Team photo
Amy Jobst,
The Tucson Homes Team
We take selling homes very seriously! It's your investment and we put a top priority on selling it. And selling over 100 homes a year, we know what we're doing!  
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